LEGO’s Q1 2022 review

LEGO’s Q1 2022 review

“Life is locomotion... if you're not moving, you're not living.” - Barry Allen

Issued grants structure

First quarter of 2022 was full of various events, not only unfortunate ones gladly. We had to refill our LEGO wallet mid January to be prepared to finally meet our budget (previously we were under-spending by a margin) and blasted off to what was awaiting us.
Without further ado let’s take a look on what happened during Q1 2022:
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Podcast and newsletter grant

LEGO sponsored Bankless podcast and newsletter providing $188k USD equivalent in LDO (snapshot voting concluded). Guys are issuing new episodes about news of DeFi, NFTs, cryptocurrencies and taking interviews every 1 or 2 days, so check it out if you haven’t already.
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What do Lewis Carroll and the Wachowskis have in common?
They lured their main characters with the help of 🐇
As well as folks at Rabbithole! LEGO funded a Lido Rabbithole quest with the objective to grow the active Ethereum staking community, drive participants towards Lido and grow awareness surrounding Lido’s ETH staking capabilities. It totaled smashing 30,000 LDO, more details as always can be found in the proposal’s discussion tread at our research forum.


Security may not be neglected in such sophisticated systems as our life is, so next grant of 22k LDO paid to compensate security assessment costs for Lido-on-X projects (Shard labs, Lido on Polygon, please see research forum). There was also 2000 USDC (1-st half) advance payment for incoming audit for reWARDS utility contract for routing motion funds through the wormhole and some rewards were paid for vulnerability found that could led to DDoS and web app malfunctions.


As a part of community support this time LEGO council held an internal vote and decided to nominate one of Lido node operators Rocklogic GmbH team with unconditional grant of $35k USD to keep up the great job and as a thank you for all the good to community.

Lido’s expansion

Say hello to Stakeall who came up with a proposal of a development, testing, auditing and deployment work for building MATIC staking strategies using Lido. The topic was reviewed and the members of LEGO came to conclusion to issue a grant $20k USD worth to support this initiative.


Staking NFT, gods, heroes, even… apes? You got it with The Idols NFT collaboration with Lido, grant issued to help to kickstart the project locking away raised stETH forever.
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Lido was one of the sponsors of Devconnect at Amsterdam and if you missed Izzy’s speech on “decentralized endgame, and how we get there” please spare a moment and watch this recording 🙂

Other nice and useful things made

Q1 2022 LEGO results

All of 240k LDO LEGO budget were spent out (wow). Previous long pull of under-financing charged us enough to rubber-band into such a great result. Keep up the tempo LEGO.
Stay tuned, stake safe.
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