LEGO’s Q4 2021 review

LEGO’s Q4 2021 review

“The journey is my home.” - Muriel Rukeyser

Issued grants structure

Just a kind reminder that you always may find info about all our grants provided at 🧧Financial Transactions database and don’t forget to visit our research forum where you are able to propose one by yourself! 😲 And it’s also a good place to find more info on previous and currently discussed proposals.
As always here’s the overview of what happened during 4-th quarter of 2021:
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10000 LDO (near 40k USD at the moment of transfer) were spent to refill Orca to avoid stSOL / wstETH incentives program depletion.


Another 10000 LDO we granted to fellows @ Argent wallet for L2 launch promotion competitions, giveaways, events. Other partners included Yearn, Paraswap, Zksync and more.
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First podcast grant

LIDO also became a sponsor of Staking rewards podcast via LEGO, payment for the 1-st quarter was transferred.
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Analytical tools development

HenriDF received 2-nd leg for his validator dashboard development as well as compensation of hosting expenses totaling 7850 LDO.

Research and promotion grants

Bug bounty

Bounty of 10000 DAI was paid via Immunefi for a critical bug report. Another smaller one of 3575 USDT paid for vuln. report on old piece of infra with internet-facing grafana, which unfortunately had xss, allowing to leave a cookie bomb on


Q4 2021 LEGO results

55.2k LDO (near 23%) were spent out of 240k LDO LEGO budget (+12k LDO compared to previous period, yay), which is not a huge improvement at first glance, but due to appreciation of LDO to USD the program achieved higher “bang for the buck” than in Q2-Q3 so to say.
Stay tuned, stake safe.
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