Successful grants

Below are some of the LEGO grants we’re most proud of. For the full list of transactions, check out Financial Transactions.

Lido for Solana - A proposal by Chorus One

Chorus One worked with LEGO to fund the succesful development of Lido for Solana.


Immunefy Bug Bounty

A LEGO initiative to allocate treasury funds towards an Immunefi bug bounty program.


Tempus Finance stETH Integration

The Tempus Finance integration of stETH into their fixed yield offering.


Strategic Commitment to research of SSVs (Blox Staking & Obol)

Commitment of $100k to Blox Staking and Obol for the research of SSVs.


Lido for Kusama & Polkadot - A proposal by MixBytes()

The expansion of the Lido liquid staking ecosystem to Polkadot and Kusama.


Funding of stETH Rabbithole Campaign

A succesful Rabbithole quest to drive growth in TVL and active stETH holders.

These are just some of the successful LEGO grants we’ve seen completed over the last few months. To learn more, visit research.lido.fi.