LEGO | Lido Ecosystem Grants Organisation
LEGO | Lido Ecosystem Grants Organisation

LEGO | Lido Ecosystem Grants Organisation

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Welcome to LEGO - the Lido grants organization. The goal of LEGO is to help grow the liquid staking ecosystem, one grant at a time. To stay up to date with our work, follow us on Twitter!


The mission of the Lido Ecosystem Grants Organization (LEGO) is to provide valuable resources to contributors who help to improve Lido and the surrounding staking ecosystem, whether through development efforts, content, events, ideas or anything else.
By rewarding talent early with developer incentives, bounties, and infrastructure support, LEGO acts as a catalyst for growth and helps to maintain Lido as a leading and most useful liquid staking protocol in the whole space.
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LEGO Primer
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